Meaning of TEST in English

I. ˈtest noun

Etymology: Middle English, vessel in which metals were assayed, potsherd, from Anglo-French test, tees pot, Latin testum earthen vessel; akin to Latin testa earthen pot, shell

Date: 14th century


a. chiefly British : cupel


(1) : a critical examination, observation, or evaluation : trial ; specifically : the procedure of submitting a statement to such conditions or operations as will lead to its proof or disproof or to its acceptance or rejection

a test of a statistical hypothesis

(2) : a basis for evaluation : criterion

c. : an ordeal or oath required as proof of conformity with a set of beliefs


a. : a means of testing: as

(1) : a procedure, reaction, or reagent used to identify or characterize a substance or constituent

(2) : something (as a series of questions or exercises) for measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitudes of an individual or group

b. : a positive result in such a test

3. : a result or value determined by testing

4. : test match

II. adjective

Date: 1687

1. : of, relating to, or constituting a test

2. : subjected to, used for, or revealed by testing

a test group

test data

III. verb

Date: 1748

transitive verb

1. : to put to test or proof : try — often used with out

2. : to require a doctrinal oath of

intransitive verb


a. : to undergo a test

b. : to be assigned a standing or evaluation on the basis of tests

test ed positive for cocaine

the cake test ed done

2. : to apply a test as a means of analysis or diagnosis — used with for

test for mechanical aptitude

• test·abil·i·ty ˌtes-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē noun

• test·able ˈtes-tə-bəl adjective

- test the waters

IV. noun

Etymology: Latin testa shell

Date: circa 1842

: an external hard or firm covering (as a shell) of many invertebrates (as a foraminifer or a mollusk)

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