Meaning of JAW in English


noun a notch or opening.

2. jaw ·noun impudent or abusive talk.

3. jaw ·noun in the plural, the mouth.

4. jaw ·vt to assail or abuse by scolding.

5. jaw ·noun hence, also, the bone itself with the teeth and covering.

6. jaw ·vi to scold; to clamor.

7. jaw ·noun one of the bones, usually bearing teeth, which form the framework of the mouth.

8. jaw ·noun the inner end of a boom or gaff, hollowed in a half circle so as to move freely on a mast.

9. jaw ·noun a notched or forked part, adapted for holding an object in place; as, the jaw of a railway-car pedestal. ·see axle guard.

10. jaw ·noun fig.: anything resembling the jaw of an animal in form or action; ·esp., ·pl, the mouth or way of entrance; as, the jaws of a pass; the jaws of darkness; the jaws of death.

11. jaw ·noun one of a pair of opposing parts which are movable towards or from each other, for grasping or crushing anything between them, as, the jaws of a vise, or the jaws of a stone-crushing machine.

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