Meaning of RECKONING in English


noun esteem; account; estimation.

2. reckoning ·noun an account of time.

3. reckoning ·noun the position of a ship as determined by calculation.

4. reckoning · & ·vb.n. of reckon.

5. reckoning ·noun the charge or account made by a host at an inn.

6. reckoning ·noun adjustment of claims and accounts; settlement of obligations, liabilities, ·etc.

7. reckoning ·noun the act of one who reckons, counts, or computes; the result of reckoning or counting; calculation.

8. reckoning ·noun the calculation of a ship's position, either from astronomical observations, or from the record of the courses steered and distances sailed as shown by compass and log, — in the latter case called dead reckoning (see under dead);

— also used for dead reckoning in contradistinction to observation.

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