Meaning of VAULT in English


noun a leap or bound.

2. vault ·noun the canopy of heaven; the sky.

3. vault ·noun the bound or leap of a horse; a curvet.

4. vault ·noun an arched structure of masonry, forming a ceiling or canopy.

5. vault ·noun a leap by aid of the hands, or of a pole, springboard, or the like.

6. vault ·noun to exhibit feats of tumbling or leaping; to tumble.

7. vault ·vi to leap over; ·esp., to leap over by aid of the hands or a pole; as, to vault a fence.

8. vault ·noun to leap; to bound; to jump; to spring.

9. vault ·noun an arched apartment; especially, a subterranean room, use for storing articles, for a prison, for interment, or the like; a cell; a cellar.

10. vault ·vt to form with a vault, or to cover with a vault; to give the shape of an arch to; to arch; as, vault a roof; to vault a passage to a court.

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