Meaning of VAULT in English


vault 1

— vaultlike , adj.

/vawlt/ , n.

1. an arched structure, usually made of stones, concrete, or bricks, forming a ceiling or roof over a hall, room, sewer, or other wholly or partially enclosed construction.

2. an arched structure resembling a vault.

3. a space, chamber, or passage enclosed by a vault or vaultlike structure, esp. one located underground.

4. an underground chamber, as a cellar or a division of a cellar.

5. a room or compartment, often built of or lined with steel, reserved for the storage and safekeeping of valuables, esp. such a place in a bank.

6. a strong metal cabinet, usually fireproof and burglarproof, for the storage and safekeeping of valuables, important papers, etc.

7. a burial chamber.

8. Anat. an arched roof of a cavity.

9. something likened to an arched roof: the vault of heaven.


10. to construct or cover with a vault.

11. to make in the form of a vault; arch.

12. to extend or stretch over in the manner of an arch; overarch: An arbor vaulted the path.

13. to store in a vault: The paintings will be vaulted when the museum is closed.


14. to curve or bend in the form of a vault.

[ 1300-50; (n.) alter. of ME voute vou ( l ) te, volte volvita, for L voluta, n. use of fem. ptp. of L volvere to turn (see REVOLVE); (v.) alter. of ME vouten vou ( l ) ter, volter, deriv. of vou ( l ) te, volte ]

vault 2

— vaulter , n.

/vawlt/ , v.i.

1. to leap or spring, as to or from a position or over something: He vaulted over the tennis net.

2. to leap with the hands supported by something, as by a horizontal pole.

3. Gymnastics. to leap over a vaulting or pommel horse, using the hands for pushing off.

4. to arrive at or achieve something as if by a spring or leap: to vault into prominence.


5. to leap over: to vault a fence.

6. to cause to leap over or surpass others: Advertising has vaulted the new perfume into first place.


7. the act of vaulting.

8. a leap of a horse; curvet.

9. Gymnastics. a running jump over a vaulting or pommel horse, usually finishing with an acrobatic dismount.

[ 1530-40; volte a turn and volter to turn, respectively volta (n.) and voltare (v.); see VOLT 2 ]

Syn. 1. See jump .

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