Meaning of -AD in English


I. ˌad, ˌaa(ə)d, _əd noun suffix

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French & Latin; Middle French -ade, from Latin -ad-, -as, from Greek -ad-, -as, feminine suffix denoting descent from or connection with


a. : period of time

quinquenni ad

b. : group, aggregate, or unit of (so many) parts

quint ad

c. : element, atom, or radical having (such or so great) a chemical valence

arti ad

periss ad

dy ad

2. : epic of : poem celebrating

Columbi ad


[probably from New Latin -ad-, -as (used as final element in botanical genus names), from Greek]

: member of (such) a botanical group

magnoli ad

moring ad

4. : kind of plant or animal produced by or associated with

ec ad

vari ad

• -ad·ic |adik, -ēk adjective suffix

II. adverb suffix

Etymology: Latin ad

biology : in the direction of : toward : -ward

cephal ad

ventr ad

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