Meaning of ANGLE in English

I. ˈaŋgəl, ˈaiŋ- noun

( -s )

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: Latin Angli, plural, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English Engle, plural, Angles

: a member of a Germanic people that entered and conquered England with the Saxons and Jutes in the 5th century A.D. and merged with them to form the Anglo-Saxon peoples

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English angel, from Old English angel, ongul, from anga hook; akin to Old High German angul fishhook, ango hook, Old Norse öngull fishhook, Latin uncus hook, Greek onkos barbed hook, ankos hollow, glen, Sanskrit aṅka bend, hook

1. archaic : fishhook

2. archaic : fishing line, hook, and bait with or without rod

III. verb

( angled ; angled ; angling -g(ə)liŋ ; angles )

Etymology: Middle English angelen, from angel, n.

intransitive verb

1. : to fish with a hook

the fish one angles for

2. : to use artful bait of wily means : scheme

angle for an invitation to the party

transitive verb : fish

angle a stream

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin angulus; akin to Old English anclēow ankle, Old High German anchlāo, anchal, enchil, Old Norse ökkla, Greek angos pail, Sanskrit aṅga limb, Old English angel, ongul fishhook — more at angle (fishhook)


a. archaic : a corner or area near a corner

b. archaic : an out-of-the-way place

into the utmost angle of the world — Edmund Spenser

: nook


a. : the figure formed by two lines diverging from the same point or by two surfaces diverging from the same line

b. : a representation of such a figure or space

3. : one of the four astrological houses at the cardinal points of the compass

4. : a projecting corner (as of a stone or building) : a pointed form or sharp fragment

5. mathematics : a measure of the amount of rotation of either of two intersecting lines necessary to produce coincidence with the other, the rotation being in the plane of the lines and about the point of intersection ; also : a measure based on this for indicating the divergence of two nonintersecting nonparallel lines, two intersecting planes, or two intersecting curves



(1) : the direction from which an object is viewed : point of view

a camera angle

: aspect , phase

to discuss all angles of a question

(2) : the point of view or special interest or emphasis controlling a presentation (as of a story, article, or speech) or the phase of a presentation that is of interest to or bears upon a certain group or point of view

b. slang : scheme : a slick knowledge of method especially in criminal activities : a method for illegal gain

7. : a curving direction given a ball (as by a stroke or kick)

put angle on a tennis return

8. : angle iron

Synonyms: see phase

V. verb

( angled ; angled ; angling -g(ə)liŋ ; angles )

transitive verb


a. : to turn, bend, move, or direct at an angle

I angled a look behind me — Think

b. : to hit at an angle : strike or kick (a ball) toward the sidelines

angle a tennis return

2. : to adjust at an angle

angle a camera


a. : to present the material of (as a news story, article, or speech) from a particular point of view or favorable to the interests of a particular group

b. : to warp (such a presentation) by emphasis or implication to favor a particular person, class, group, or race

intransitive verb

1. : to change direction by making an angular turn or turns

the road angles up the hill

2. : to go at an angle

angle across the road

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