Meaning of BEARER in English


I. ˈberə(r), ˈba(a)r- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English berere, from beren to carry + -er — more at bear


a. : one bearing a communication to or involving another

rewarding the bearer before reading the note

b. : one who holds a check, note, draft, or other order for the payment of money ; specifically : the person in possession of a check payable to bearer whether so drawn or having become so by being last endorsed in blank


a. : one that bears: as

(1) : carrier , porter

the bearers stopped at the door

(2) : a man carrying baggage and supplies for travelers in a situation in which other means of transport are lacking

native bearers serving the safari

b. : one that aids actually or symbolically in carrying a dead person in a funeral proceeding : pallbearer

c. : a palanquin bearer

d. India : a personal or household servant

e. : a military corpsman who carries stretchers and attends the wounded

3. : one that affords, yields, produces, or supplies

trees that are good bearers


a. : one that holds or enjoys an indicated rank, office, or endowment ; specifically : incumbent

an office- bearer

b. : one marked by a distinctive cultural tradition

the invasion of Mexico by Spanish culture bearers


a. : one that supports or upholds : one that bears a weight

posts, walls, and other bearers

: a small member (as one of a series) used primarily to support another member or structure (as one of the short pieces of quartering supporting the winders of winding stairs)

b. : something that protects a printing surface from excessive pressure (as from an inking or impressing mechanism) or prevents the inking of a blank part: as

(1) : one of the pieces of type-high material placed near the corners of the bed of a handpress

(2) : a track on the bed of a press against which cylinder or rollers rotate

(3) : type-high material placed in the blank parts of a form or left on the face of an engraving or plate to protect it during molding

II. adjective

1. : freely negotiable by the holder

a bearer check

2. : not registered with full title being transferred merely by delivery

bearer securities

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