Meaning of BEER in English


I. ˈbi(ə)r, -iə noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English ber, from Old English bēor; akin to Old High German bior beer and perhaps to Old English bȳsting beastings — more at beastings

1. : a malted and hopped somewhat bitter alcoholic beverage ; specifically : such a beverage brewed by bottom fermentation — compare ale , bock beer , lager , porter

2. : a carbonated nonalcoholic or a fermented slightly alcoholic beverage with flavoring derived from roots and other plant parts — used chiefly in compounds; see birch beer , ginger beer , root beer , spruce beer

3. : fermented mash : wash

4. : a drink of beer

order a beer

II. noun

also bier “

( -s )

Etymology: perhaps from bier (I)

: one of the groups in weaving usually consisting of 40 threads into which the threads of the warp are divided ; also : the corresponding group of dents on the reed consisting usually of 20

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