Meaning of BOARD in English

I. ˈbō(ə)rd, -ȯ(ə)rd, -ōəd, -ȯ(ə)d noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English bord piece of sawed lumber, table, shield, ship's side, border, from Old English; akin to Old High German bort ship's side, Old Norse borth piece of sawed lumber, table, ship's side, Gothic fotu baurd footstool, Sanskrit bardhaka, vardhaka, adjective, cutting off, bardhaka, vardhaka, n., carpenter, and perhaps to Greek perthein to destroy

1. obsolete : border , side , edge


a. : the side of a ship

b. : the stretch that a ship makes on one tack in beating to windward : tack 3e


a. : a piece of sawed lumber of little thickness but considerable surface area usually being rectangular and of a length greatly exceeding its width, in technical specifications of a thickness not exceeding 2 1/2 inches and a width of from 6 to 12 inches, and designated according to thickness

a half-inch board

a 2-inch board

— compare batten ; see deal , plank IV

b. boards plural

(1) : stage 2b(1)

as good an actor as ever trod the boards

(2) : stage 2b(3)

if intellectual ideas were to vanish from the boards I am not sure that my heart would break — Max Beerbohm

c. boards plural , slang : skis


a. archaic : table 3a (1)

b. : a table on which food is customarily served especially when spread with a meal

bade the fellow call help to clear the board , where still was set their interrupted noontide meal — Rafael Sabatini

a feast spread upon the board

c. : food in the form of daily meals often provided as payment for services

room and board

board was the most expensive item in his budget

the job gave him bed, board , and 10 dollars a week to spend

d. : a table at which a council or the magistrates of a court sit

sit as a guest at the council board

e. : a number of persons appointed or elected to sit in council for the management or investigation of a public or private business, trust, or other organization or institution

a board of advisers to the mayor

board of directors

a university examining board

f. : league , association

the local board of underwriters

g. : an examination given by an examining board — often used in plural

passed his boards


(1) : the exposed hands of all the players in a stud poker game

(2) : an exposed dummy hand in bridge


a. : a flat usually rectangular piece of material (as wood) often marked off or provided with pegs and used for some special purpose (as the playing of certain games or the providing of a flat or hard surface on which to cut food or set dishes)

a gaming board

a molding board

— see backboard , sideboard , springboard , warping board

b. : a wall or a specially constructed flat usually rectangular device attached to a wall or free standing used for varied purposes (as the posting of notices, the listing of stock-market quotations, or the display of theater advertisements especially where they may be seen by groups or by the general public)

quotations on the board of a brokerage house

boards with playbills in front of a theater

c. : a panel (as of wood) in which electrical circuit components (as jacks) may be inserted

d. : pari-mutuel machine

e. : any of various forms used in finishing fabrics and knitted garments (as hosiery) — see board II 8


(1) : a device that is used in bridge for holding the four hands of a deal in their original form so that they may be played more than once (as in duplicate bridge) and that consists usually of a flat oblong container with four pockets for the hands dealt and is marked on its face to show which player is dealer and who is vulnerable — called also tray

(2) : the particular distribution of cards in duplicate bridge constituting any one deal as contained in such a board : a deal in duplicate whist or bridge

(3) : the entire process of bidding and playing such a deal

(4) : the score accruing to the winning side when such a deal is played ; especially : one match point

(5) : the greatest number of match points that can be scored on any deal in duplicate bridge


a. : any of various wood pulps or composition materials formed or pressed into somewhat stiff or rigid flat usually rectangular sheets ; specifically : material of the same general composition as paper but stiffer and usually thicker, being in one classification at least 12/1000 inch thick — compare paper

b. : the stiff foundation piece for the side of a book cover

bound in boards

board binding

c. : pressing board

7. chiefly Australia

a. : the part of a woolshed where sheep are sheared

b. : the sheep about to be sheared

c. : the crew of shearers

8. : an organized exchange providing facilities for buying and selling securities or commodities

9. : a fixed signal governing the movement of trains

a slow board

a clear board

- board on board

- go by the board

- on board

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English borden, from bord piece of sawed lumber, table, shield, ship's side, border

transitive verb

1. archaic : to come up against or alongside of (a ship) usually for the purpose of attacking

2. : accost , address

he boarded me with some light remark — W.A.White


a. : to go on board of or enter (a ship)

b. : enter

board a train

board an airplane

: mount

board a motorcycle

4. : to cover with boards or boarding

store owners taped and boarded their windows — Springfield (Massachusetts) Daily News

— usually used with up

boarding up the windows of the empty house


a. : to provide with regular meals and lodging usually for a compensation

the question is, will she board as well as lodge her guest — Clara Morris

boarding students

b. : to place where board or board and shelter or other accommodations are provided usually for a compensation

board a horse at a livery stable

6. : to haul (the tack of a course on a sailing vessel) down to the deck or to the bumpkin

7. : to work or rub with a board (as in graining leather)

8. : to shape (knitted garments) by processing on special forms

intransitive verb

1. : tack vi 1

2. : to have one's regular meals or regular meals and lodging provided usually for a compensation

having boarded for a time at the Rutledge Tavern — Ruth P. Randall


variant of bord

IV. noun

1. : blackboard


a. boards plural : the low wooden wall enclosing a hockey rink


(1) : backboard — usually used in plural

(2) : a rebound in basketball

c. : surfboard

3. : a sheet of insulating material carrying circuit elements and terminals so that it can be inserted in an electronic apparatus (as a computer)

4. : mixing board herein

5. : bulletin board herein

- on board

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