Meaning of CHIP in English


I. ˈchip noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English; probably akin to Old English -cippian to cut


a. : a small usually somewhat thin and flat piece of wood, stone, or other material separated by a quick blow (as with a cutting or striking instrument) or by natural flaking : fragment , flake

b. : a small piece of food

chocolate chips


(1) : a thin slice of cooked or uncooked food

orange chips

especially : potato chip

(2) : french fry

c. : palm leaf, straw, or wood split into thin pieces for making women's hats


(1) : a metal often continuous fragment or curl cut during machining from material being machined

(2) : the thread of material cut from a blank during the process of disc recording


(1) : a small piece from a crystal

(2) : a piece of usually uncut diamond weighing less than three fourths of a carat

wearing a diamond chip ring — Betty Smith

f. chiefly Britain

(1) or chip basket : a ventilated container (as for fruit) made of thin sheets of split wood commonly overlapped at the bottom and secured at the upper edge by a band of similar wood

(2) : the contents of such a container

strawberries at two shillings a chip


(1) : chipboard

(2) : a logged wood for use in pulp manufacture

h. chips plural : soap in flakes or granules

i. : one of the thin slices or shreds into which beets are cut in sugar making — called also cossette

j. : a small piece of bark (as of cinchona or cinnamon)



(1) : something valueless or trivial

I don't care a chip for his views

(2) : something small of its kind : bit

a chip of a lad

b. : something dried up, withered, or flavorless

meat roasted to a chip

3. : something having the distinctive qualities of that from which it is derived or taken — used chiefly of persons with reference to resemblance of child to parent

Jack's exactly like his father, he's a real chip off the old block

4. : the triangular piece of wood attached to the end of a log line

5. : a coin or a unit (as a small disk) equivalent to a coin in value:

a. : one of the counters used as a token for money in poker and other games of chance and usually of a distinctive color to indicate its relative value : check 11c

b. : a playing counter in such games as tiddledywinks

c. chips plural , slang : money — used especially in the phrase in the chips

d. slang Britain : any of various coins (as a shilling, rupee, or sovereign)

e. : something that is hazarded on some issue or the interest that one holds in some venture

the industrialists that had their chips on Hitler

bargaining chip

6. : a piece of dried dung — usually used in combination

a cow chip

buffalo chips

7. : a flaw in a surface remaining after a chip has been removed

a cup with a chip in its rim

8. : chip shot

9. : beach 3

- chip on one's shoulder

II. verb

( chipped ; chipped ; chipping ; chips )

Etymology: Middle English chippen, from Old English -cippian (as in forcippian to cut off); akin to obsolete German kipfen to cut the point off, Middle Low German kēp notch, Old Norse keipr oarlock

transitive verb

1. obsolete : to cut the crust from (bread)

2. now dialect England : to fissure the surface of : crack , chap


a. : to cut or hew with or as if with an ax, chisel, or other edged tool : chop , hack

b. : to cut or break (a small piece) from something

chip a piece off the rock

: cut or break a fragment from

chip my best platter

with the egg tooth the young bird chips the shell

c. : to shape (a material or an object) by cutting or breaking away a little at a time

chip flint to a point

chip an arrowhead out of flint

d. : to cut or break up into fragments

chip ice

: reduce to chips (as wood for pulping)

e. : to decorate (as silver or enamel) by cutting chips from or chasing

4. : to cut a piece or pieces of bark from (a tree) especially in tapping for turpentine

5. Australia : hoe , harrow

6. slang Britain : chaff , banter , taunt

intransitive verb

1. obsolete : to break into bud, shoot, or blossom : germinate

2. : to break or fly off in small pieces

fine porcelain often chips less readily than softer ware


a. : to bet one chip or a minimum amount in a poker game : check vi 8a

b. : to play a chip (as in stops) when unable to play a card

4. : to play a chip shot

5. of an egg : pip 2b

III. verb

( chipped ; chipped ; chipping ; chips )

Etymology: perhaps from chip (II)

transitive verb

dialect England : to trip or throw in wrestling

intransitive verb

1. dialect England : to trip along nimbly

2. dialect England : quarrel — often used with out

IV. noun

( -s )

: a trick or special attack for throwing a wrestling opponent

V. intransitive verb

( chipped ; chipped ; chipping ; chips )

Etymology: imitative

: cheep I

VI. noun

( -s )

: cheep II

VII. noun


a. : integrated circuit herein

b. : a small wafer of semiconductor material that forms the base for an integrated circuit


a. : a soft high pass or shot over a defender's head in soccer

b. : a return shot in tennis made by hitting down on the ball to give it backspin

VIII. transitive verb

1. : to hit (a return in tennis) with backspin

2. : to kick (a soccer ball) in a soft high arc

intransitive verb

: to make a chip (as in soccer or tennis)

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