Meaning of COFFER in English


I. ˈkȯfə(r), ˈkäf- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English coffre, from Old French cofre, coffre, from Latin cophinus basket, from Greek kophinos

1. : chest , casket , box ; especially : a strongbox for the safe storage of money or other valuables

2. : treasury , exchequer , funds — usually used in plural

captives … whose ransoms did the general coffers fill — Shakespeare

working children contribute to the household coffers — D.G.Bettison


a. : the chamber of a canal lock

b. : caisson

c. : floating dock

d. : cofferdam


a. : a recessed panel usually forming with other panels a continuous pattern in a vault, ceiling, or soffit

b. : a space (as in a wall or pier) filled with concrete, rubble, or other materials

II. transitive verb

( coffered ; coffered ; coffering -f(ə)riŋ ; coffers )

Etymology: Middle English cofren, from cofer, n.

1. : to put into, store, or hoard up in a coffer ; broadly : to keep securely : treasure up : hoard

2. : to form (as a ceiling) with recessed panels ; sometimes : to recess (as a panel)

3. : to secure (as a mining shaft) from leaking by ramming clay behind the masonry or timbering

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