Meaning of MEMBER in English


ˈmembə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English membre, from Old French, from Latin membrum; akin to Gothic mimz flesh, Old Irish mīr bite, Greek mēninx membrane, mēros thigh, Sanskrit māṁsa flesh; basic meaning: flesh


a. : a bodily part or organ

a lolling, impudent tongue — a truly unruly member — E.J.Banfield

the thyroid gland … may be the offending member — H.A.Overstreet

specifically : a part (as a limb) that projects from the main mass of the body

a man with sandy hair and large bodily members — G.S.Perry

b. : penis

let my member turn to dust — William Goyen

c. : a unit of structure in a plant body

a vessel member

2. : one who forms part of a metaphorical or metaphysical body

members of Christ

we are members one of another — Eph 4:25 (Revised Standard Version)

3. : one of the individuals composing a society, community, association, or other group: as


(1) : a person who has been admitted usually formally to the responsibilities and privileges of some association or joint enterprise

a member of a law firm

a member of the New York Stock Exchange

a member of the school's governing board

(2) : a person who has been admitted usually formally into some social or professional society typically requiring payment of dues, adherence to a program, or compliance with some other requirements of membership

a member of a women's club

members of the bar association

a paid-up member

b. : a branch or affiliate of a political association

obtained the support of all member states


(1) : an elected member of the British Parliament : a member of the House of Commons

(2) : a member of the lower house of Congress : a member of the House of Representatives

(3) : a person having membership in any of numerous legislative bodies

d. obsolete : a participant or associate in an action or benefit

e. : a church communicant : a person baptized or enrolled in a church

f. : one of the persons composing a territorial, kinship, or sociological unit

members of the immediate family attended the funeral

alert and responsible members of their communities — Official Register of Harvard University

members of the middle class

members of a tribe

4. : a constituent part of a whole: as

a. : a section or district of an estate, port, or other territorial unit


(1) : a syntactic or rhythmic unit of a sentence : clause

(2) : one of the propositions of a syllogism

c. : one of the elements of which a mathematical aggregate is composed


(1) : a part of a building or other structure whether constructional (as a pier or lintel) or decorative (as a molding)

(2) : an essential part of a framed structure, a machine, or a device

the design of compression members of bridge trusses — U.S. National Bureau of Standards Annual Report

e. : a minor stratigraphic unit of a geologic formation

f. : something belonging to a class or category

x is a member of A

a member of a species

one who philosophizes is a member of the class of philosophers

Synonyms: see part

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