Meaning of PRESSURE in English

I. ˈpreshə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: in sense 1, from Middle English, from Late Latin pressura, from Latin, action of pressing, pressure, from pressus (past participle of premere to press) + -ura -ure; in other senses, from Latin pressura — more at press


a. : the burden of physical or mental distress : the oppression of adversity, grief, illness, or trouble

b. : the constraint of circumstance : the weight of social or economic imposition

the pressure of poverty

financial pressure

c. : the operation of a factor urging toward commitment or decision

the pressure of community disapproval

2. : the application of force to something by something else in direct contact with it : compression , pushing , squeezing

felt the quick pressure of her companion's hand

3. archaic : a mark impressed on something : image , stamp

from the table of my memory I'll wipe away all trivial fond records … all forms, all pressures past that youth and observation copied there — Shakespeare


a. : the action of a force against some opposing force : a force in the nature of a thrust distributed over a surface

b. : the force or thrust exerted over a surface divided by the area of the surface

c. : electromotive force

5. : the stress or urgency of matters demanding attention : exaction , exigency , obligation

the pressure of affairs

the pressure of a family's necessities

6. : a factor that tends to reduce a wild animal population ; especially : any such factor arising from human activity

hunting pressure

population pressures

7. : atmospheric pressure

8. : a touch sensation aroused by moderate compression of the skin — distinguished from contact and pain

Synonyms: see stress

II. transitive verb

( pressured ; pressured ; pressuring -sh(ə)riŋ ; pressures )

1. : to apply pressure to : bring influence to bear on : constrain

several advertisers … have pressured business papers — C.B.Larrabee

2. : to increase or intensify pressure in : pressurize

pressurized cabins are pressured at about 5000 feet — G.A.Smathers

3. : to cook in a pressure cooker

a box of beef or mutton bones, pressured until the marrow is extracted, makes excellent broth — All-Pets Magazine

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