Meaning of PURCHASE in English


I. -chəs verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English purchacen, from Old French porchacier, purchacier to seek to obtain, from por, pur, pour for (modification — perhaps influenced by Latin per through — of Latin pro for) + chacier to pursue, chase — more at for , chase

transitive verb


a. archaic : to get into one's possession : gain , acquire

your accent is something finer than you could purchase in so removed a dwelling — Shakespeare

b. : to acquire (real estate) by any means other than descent or inheritance

c. archaic : to obtain (as a license) from authority

d. : to obtain (as merchandise) by paying money or its equivalent : buy for a price

purchased a new suit

e. : to obtain (something desired) by an outlay (as of labor, danger, sacrifice)

purchase one's life at the expense of one's honor

: win , earn

his place was dearly purchased

2. obsolete : to cause to occur : effect , procure


a. : to haul in or up with or as if with a mechanical device or rope

b. : to apply to (as something to be moved or lifted) a device for obtaining a mechanical advantage : get a purchase upon or apply a purchase to ; also : to move (as a cannon) by a purchase


a. obsolete : to serve as a ransom for

b. : to constitute the means or medium for buying (something)

our dollars purchase less each year

expert flattery may purchase an honest man

intransitive verb


a. obsolete : to acquire wealth or property

b. : to make a purchase or purchases : buy

2. obsolete : to exert oneself : expend effort toward some end

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English purchas, porchas, from Old French, from porchacier to purchase

1. : an act or instance of purchasing: as

a. obsolete

(1) : the taking or seizing of prey (as in hunting)

(2) : the taking of something into one's possession violently or with force of arms : plundering, pillage

b. obsolete : the seeking, procuring, or taking into possession of something : acquisition ; also : an act of instigating : contrivance

c. : the acquiring of lands or tenements by any means other than descent or inheritance

d. : the acquiring of title to or property in anything for a price : a buying for money or its equivalent

the purchase of shares in a business



(1) : something gotten into one's possession by any means honest or dishonest : gain , booty ; especially : the prize of a privateer

(2) : something obtained for a price in money or its equivalent

showed her purchases with pride


(1) : annual yield in rent

(2) : value or potentiality for use or service in something or the hypothetical or figurative cash value of such or of a specified increment of such

a life not worth a day's purchase

c. : something bought considered with reference to its price or value : bargain , buy

will find him a dearer purchase than she thought

a good purchase

3. chiefly Scotland : means of acquiring property : resources



(1) : a mechanical hold or advantage applied to the raising or moving of heavy bodies (as by a lever, tackle, capstan)

(2) : an apparatus or device by which the advantage is gained (as a pulley tackle)


(1) : an advantage used in applying one's power in any effort

(2) : position or means of exerting power

5. : an unorganized minor territorial division in New Hampshire consisting of land that was originally laid off and sold by the state to an individual or individuals

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