Meaning of SCHEDULE in English


I. ˈske(ˌ)j]ül, -_j]əl sometimes -(ˌ)j]u̇l or -ˌj]üəl, Canadian “ or ˈshe(ˌ)j], Brit ˈshe(ˌ)dy] or ˈshe(ˌ)j]\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Late Latin schedula ) of earlier cedule, sedule, from Middle English, from Middle French, note, slip of paper, from Late Latin schedula slip of paper, from Latin scheda, scida leaf of paper or papyrus (from assumed Greek schidē split piece of wood, from Greek schizein to split) + -ula — more at shed


a. obsolete : a piece of written matter : document ; especially : a supplementary slip appended to a document

b. : an appended statement of supplementary details usually accompanying a legal or legislative document and often taking the form of a detailed list of relevant matters

2. : a written or printed formal list (as a catalog or inventory or calendar of events)

a schedule of freight rates

a schedule of social events


a. : a detailed list of a bankrupt's creditors, liabilities, and assets

filed a schedule with his bankruptcy petition

b. : a transportation timetable

c. : an executive's record of matters (as assignments of subordinate personnel) handled or to be handled

d. : a student's program of studies

e. : a list of questions designed to elicit objective data for a statistical study

3. : a usually written plan or proposal for future procedure typically indicating the objective proposed, the time and sequence of each operation, and the materials required

planned a new schedule of operations for the factory

their schedule allowed for only 50 percent of last year's production

laid out a schedule for building the new school

4. : a body of items requiring to be dealt with usually at a particular time or within an indicated period

a lecturer with a very heavy schedule

my schedule for tomorrow

- on schedule

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )


a. : to place in a schedule

schedule a new train

b. : to make a schedule of

scheduled his income and debts

2. : to add in or as a schedule or appendix

3. : to appoint, assign, or designate to do or receive something at a fixed time in the future

scheduled a meeting for the next week

III. noun

Usage: usually capitalized

: a governmental list of drugs that are all subject to the same legal controls and restrictions — usually used with a Roman numeral from I to V indicating decreasing potential for abuse or addiction

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