Meaning of SCORE in English

I. ˈskō(ə)r, ˈskȯ(ə)r, -ōə, -ȯ(ə) noun

( -s ; see sense 1a )

Etymology: Middle English scor, from Old Norse skor notch, tally, twenty; akin to Old Norse skera to cut, carve — more at shear


a. or plural score

(1) : a sum of twenty : twenty

more than a score of cities

his paintings have … appeared in over a score of smaller exhibitions — Think

(2) : a group of 20 things

a few score … will be authorized to write and speak — O.T.Mallery

the flock numbers about two score

his years were four score

(3) : a unit of weight especially for pigs or oxen equal to 20 or 21 pounds

(4) obsolete : a unit of distance equal to 20 yards

b. scores plural : a group containing an indefinitely large number

scores of lakes

scores of people made homeless by a storm


a. : a line made with or as if with a sharp instrument : notch , incision , scratch

the score should run with the grain whenever possible — Book Production

scores, although they do not pass entirely through the skin, are almost as bad as cuts, because they weaken the leather — Crops in Peace & War

a score made by a piston on a cylinder wall

especially : one made as a tally mark


(1) : a notch (as made in timber) in which another part is fitted

(2) : the groove cut at the ends and sides of a block to admit the strap

c. : an indented line or partial cut in paper, metal, or other material to aid in folding or tearing


a. : a mark used as a starting point or a goal : taw — see curling illustration

b. : a mark made on the surface of a pavement by traffic

c. : a mark or line made for the purpose of keeping account


a. : an account or reckoning kept by making marks on a tally

b. : account

I keep … some sort of log or score of what occupies me — Gilbert Ryle

bade them call at the inn on their way home and drink a pint on his score — Adrian Bell

c. : amount due : indebtedness

leaving others to pay the score — Edith Wharton

5. : an obligation or injury kept in mind for requital : grudge

took advantage of the meeting to settle old scores — American Guide Series: Louisiana


a. : account , reason , motive , ground

the first airplane was not perfect but it was not chopped up and abandoned on that score — H.C.Lodge

excused himself from the bullring on the score of fatigue — Frank Yerby

his situation was still very desperate; on that score he allowed himself no illusions — Rafael Sabatini

b. : behalf , sake

ideas on the score of feminine loveliness were bounded on all four sides by the golden vision — T.B.Costain

the droning on that score I had to listen to — Learned Hand


a. : the original and entire draft or its transcript of a musical composition or an arrangement with the parts for the different instruments or voices written on staffs one above another — compare reduction , short score

orchestral score

piano score

b. : a musical composition having parts for different instruments or voices

c. : a complete description of a dance composition in choreographic notation — compare laban system


a. : the number of points gained by contestants in a game or other contest

b. : an account of points made and other specific items in a game or contest ; broadly : total count : summary

had a score of 21 killings — W.J.Ghent

holds low score on reading best sellers — Current Biography

c. : an act or instance of scoring in a game or contest ; also : a winning point

scores are made by carrying or passing the ball over the goal line

d. : a successful move or stroke : hit

the remark was not intended as a score against him

9. : a number expressing the degree of success in a psychological or educational test in terms of the amount performed or of the time required or of the difficulty surmounted or of the accuracy and excellence of the performance

10. : a numerical rating of quality (as of an animal or of butter) that usually is made on the basis of 100 as a perfect rating and is arrived at by adding numerical values assigned according to some definite scheme to specific significant characteristics (as conformation, condition of coat, aroma)

93 score butter

no animal had a score above 80

11. slang : a successful theft or its proceeds

12. : the stark inescapable facts or often the unglossed prospects of a situation

know the score on unemployment

many victims of communism know what the score is — Armed Forces Talk

- go off at score

- in score

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English scoren, from Old Norse skora, from skor, n.

transitive verb


a. : to keep record or account of by or as if by notches on a tally : set down : record , charge

b. : to enter a record of the indebtedness of — often used with up

scoring up the customers

c. : to enumerate in a record : count , list , reckon — often used with up

men who would observe and score up each point and counterpoint — Osbert Sitwell

asked to score a high rating — Book Production

scores him right — J.D.Morris

2. : to mark with a line

jet planes score the heavens with their vapor trails — Phil Stong


a. obsolete : to indicate by or as if by lines — used with out

to score out a path

b. : to mark with significant lines or notches (as in keeping account of something)

to score a tally

pavements … were scored with chalk marks for hopscotch — Rebecca West

c. : to cancel by drawing a line through — often used with off or out

scores through a figure that is wrong — Seven to Eleven

he introduced into his reckoning sets of fixed exceptions, amendments on amendments; then he scored them all off — Van Wyck Brooks

3. : to cut so as to mark with lines, scratches, or notches : notch , scratch , furrow

score timber

the brakedrum surface becomes scored when it is worn by braking action — Principles of Automotive Vehicles

the flood has scored out a deep channel in the middle of the lane — C.S.Jarvis


a. : to cut deeply into in more or less parallel lines

score the flounder diagonally into a diamond pattern nearly to the backbone of the fleshy side — Jan Sebastian

peels … cucumbers, scores them with the tines of a fork — Jane Nickerson

b. : to abrade in parallel scratches

rock scored by a moving glacier

c. : to crease (as paper or paperboard) so that it will fold easily at a desired line

each form is scored without ink in two places across the face to provide a guide and aid for folding — L.B.Gatchell

d. : to record by cuts or notches — used with on or upon


a. : to lash so as to mark with welts

b. : berate , excoriate , scold , castigate

my predecessors were equally scored for expressing personal opinions at variance with the criticism in the magazine — Norman Cousins

magistrate … scored the youths, calling them “rough, tough show-offs” — New York Times

much more interesting conversation than the itch to score people off — J.C.Powys


a. : to gain (as points or runs in a game) for addition to the score

scored a home run

b. : to make an entry of the score of (a game or contest) : keep score in

c. : to have as a value in a game or contest : count

a touchdown scores six

d. : to add to one's score (as in a game or contest)

e. : to cause (a teammate) to make a score

scored the man on second

f. : gain , achieve , win

the enemy scored a local gain

score a victory

score a theatrical success

a reporter scored a scoop

a bomb that scores a direct hit


a. : to determine the merit of : grade , mark

score a test or examination

score candidates for a job on the basis of their skill or knowledge

b. : to determine or judge the score of

butter was scored weekly — G.H.Wilster

dogs were scored according to their merits — W.F.Brown b. 1903


a. : to orchestrate or arrange (a musical composition) for performance

one refrain takes two and a half hours to score and copy — R.R.Bennett

was originally scored for four orchestras — Ralph Hill


(1) : to compose a score for (a motion picture)

(2) : to add music to a motion picture that already has sound effects


a. : to bring (as a horse) up to the starting line

b. : to warm up (a trotter or pacer) down the stretch immediately prior to a race

intransitive verb

1. obsolete : to run up an account of indebtedness


a. : to make marks

b. : to mark lines (as by incision)

c. : cut

3. : to keep score in a game or contest

4. : to make or count a point in or as if in a game or contest : tally

scored in the 7th inning

a bad throw from the catcher is almost sure to allow the runner to score — W.L.Myers


a. : to gain or have the advantage : win

enjoyed scoring over an opponent — Béla Menczer

nylon also scores over cotton and wool in being resistant to moths — Desmond Reilly

b. : to make a success

an actor who scores in a play

c. : rate

poinsettias have scored high, especially at Christmastime — Anne Dorrance


a. : to approach the starting line ready for the start

a horse scores for a race

b. of a pack of hounds : to give tongue as a group on finding the scent

7. slang : to purchase narcotics

told his stories of scoring in such places — Clellon Holmes

III. noun

slang : a purchase or sale of narcotics

IV. transitive verb

1. : to have sexual relations with

adventuress who … scores the dude and splits — Elizabeth Ashley

2. : to be successful in obtaining

should be able to score a ham sandwich — Glenn O'Brien

intransitive verb

: to succeed in having sexual relations

college roommates who … score with the same girl — L.H.Lapham

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