Meaning of SCRAPER in English


ˈskrāpə(r) noun

( -s )

1. : a tool for scraping : an instrument with which something is scraped: as

a. : an edged blade fixed upright near an entrance for scraping mud off shoes

b. : any of various instruments or tools used especially in different trades for scraping metal, wood, leather for producing a clean or a smooth finished surface, for cutting grooves, or for shaping objects by scraping away superfluous material

c. : any of various appliances for removing an extraneous coating or layer from something: as

(1) : a broad hoe for cleaning roads or stables

(2) : a device for scraping up snow from ice

(3) : a hoe-shaped implement for raking out ashes

d. : a device armed with curved knives and forced through a pipeline or a flue to clear out obstructions

e. : a curved wooden or metal device for removing the sweat from horses

f. : a 3-sided tool used by engravers to remove lines or burrs

g. : a board or blade whose edge rubs over a tympan sheet to make an impression in an old type of lithographic printing press

h. : road grader

i. : a metal scoop with a bail to which motive power is attached for excavating or moving loose or soft material short distances

j. : a contrivance for cleaning out the detritus from a borehole

k. : a power-drawn wheeled self-loading conveyor used to move earth in grading and filling operations

l. : a kitchen tool made of a blade of hard rubber on a wood handle and used to scrape food from dishes or remove batter from mixing bowls


a. : one that scrapes money : miser , skinflint

b. : fiddler

c. : barber

d. : one that cleans, trims, or shapes by scraping

3. : a bird that scratches the soil

4. slang : cocked hat

5. : a roughened area on the legs or wings of an insect used in producing sounds

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