Meaning of WINE in English


I. ˈwīn noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English win, from Old English wīn; akin to Old High German wīn wine, Old Norse vīn, Gothic wein; all from a prehistoric Germanic word borrowed from Latin vinum wine, or non-Indo-European origin; akin to the source of Greek oinos wine, Armenian gini


a. : the fermented juice of the grape containing varying percentages of alcohol and having a composition and character that depends chiefly upon the grapes used and the climate and soil of the area in which they are grown — see appetizer wine , dessert wine , fortified wine , sparkling wine , table wine ; red wine , ros é, white wine ; generic wine , varietal wine ; high wine , low wine

b. : a wine, mixture of water and wine, or wine substitute (as grape juice) used in Christian communion services : sacramental wine

c. : a pharmaceutical preparation using fined wine as a vehicle

wine of iron

2. : the usually fermented juice of various agricultural products (as peaches, oranges, blackberries) used as a beverage

3. : something resembling wine especially in an ability to invigorate, intoxicate, or spread a feeling of well-being

his was the sparkling wine of speech — Manchester Guardian Weekly

tasted the wine of audience approbation — Western Speech

could catch … the wine of a high, clean air — Emerson Hough

4. : wineglass 1

shearing off … wines to their proper height — Percival Marson

5. Britain : a social gathering in an English university at which wine is served

when I go out to a wine I always bring my own straws — W.W.Reade

6. : a variable color averaging a dark red that is yellower and duller than cranberry, yellower, less strong, and very slightly lighter than average garnet, and bluer and duller than pomegranate

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to treat to wine : provide with wine especially at a dinner

would wine and dine the … members of Congress — American

intransitive verb

: to drink wine especially with a dinner

wined and dined with the leading citizens of each country during his tour of Europe

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