Англо-русский перевод UNION


- Amalgamated Union of Engineering

- Asian Clearing Union

- Banking, Insurance and Finance Union

- Consumers Union

- Engineering Unions

- European Union for Wholesale Potato Trade

- European Cattle and Meat Trade Union

- European Payments Union

- International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade

- International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

- International Union for the Scientific Study of Population

- International Union of Agricultural Sciences

- International Union of Family Organizations

- International Union of Food and Allied Workers

- International Union of Tenants

- International Population Union

- International Telecommunication Union

- Latin Monetary Union

- National Agricultural Workers' Union

- National Farmers Union

- National Taxpayers' Union

- Scandinavian Monetary Union

- Transport and General Workers' Union

- Universal Postal Union

English-Russian dictionary of economics and finance.      Англо-Русский словарь по экономике и финансам.