Meaning of UNION in English




a union/business leader

Business leaders welcomed a cut in the interest rate.

African Union, the

European Union

gym/union/party etc membership (= membership of a particular group )

How much do you pay for your gym membership?

labor union

Rugby Union

staff/union/company etc rep

You need to speak to the students’ rep.

student union

trade union

Union Jack

union suit




As a result, they are determined to build on that interdependence by moving towards economic and monetary union .

It came at a moment when skepticism over the pace toward full economic union and the single currency has been mounting.

Provisions concerning economic union Article 11.

At Maastricht next month, political, economic and monetary union will take pride of place.

My right hon. Friend the Chancellor and his counterparts ably negotiated amendments in the documents on economic and monetary union .

Already, there are plans for another intergovernmental conference in 1996 and they already have a timetable for economic and monetary union .

The treaty covers economic and monetary union and political union.

In his speech, the Prime Minister set out the weak position from which he negotiates on economic and monetary union .


It was easier for them to demand money from the Government than argue plans past their local unions .

It was one of five local unions in the Northwest Indiana District Council.

During the case studies a large number of interviews with local credit union members will be carried out.

To me, there is nothing harder than to run a local union .

In any industrial plant, there is a local union headed by a general delegate.

The local flight attendant union , I told her.

Gavin, since been dismissed by local government union Nalgo, was a full-time union official representing thousands of council employees.

Active steps were also taken to strengthen links with local trade unions .


The reason is that the treaty sets criteria to measure whether a country is ready for economic and monetary union .

The upper limit for prospective members of the future monetary union is 3 percent.

He provides the intellectual thrust and gravitas of the arguments of those who oppose monetary and political union .

First, a definition of monetary union will be presented.

These problems would intensify following the introduction of a core monetary union .

Maastricht makes exchange-rate stability a precondition for participating in monetary union .

I believe that monetary union is political union, and that the creation of a single currency is federalism.


Of course, as the Oxford philosophers always say, it all depends upon what we mean by political union .

It is simply a free trade area with not even vague plans for eventual political union .

De Gaulle had already had arguments with the other five over his 1961 blueprint for political union .

He provides the intellectual thrust and gravitas of the arguments of those who oppose monetary and political union .

Doesn't monetary union inevitably lead to political union?

More recently there has been a steep decline in the support for political union .

That is true on economic and monetary union and on political union.

The first clash came over de Gaulle's ideas on political union .



Underneath them stand thousands of weaker regional banks, mutual banks and credit unions , as well as non-bank banks such as leasing firms.

Traditionally, credit unions have drawn their members from a single employer or community.

The Credit Unions Act 1979 has eased the growth of the credit union movement.

The credit unions are backing a House bill co-sponsored by Rep.

In essence, then, credit unions are owned and controlled by their members through elected officials.

That allows some credit unions to offer interest rates at least 2 percent lower on loans than commercial banks.

Credit talk: Fancy setting up a credit union or finding out a bit more about how one works?

Of course, most credit unions have small memberships and assets of only a few million dollars.


The creation of a currency union removes this disadvantage.

In a parallel currency union , a member country's currency competes with the parallel currency.

Similarly, a parallel currency union shares certain features with a currency union.

In a currency union these transactions costs are eliminated.

His economics minister is talking of currency union between the two Germanies by July.

Further, in a currency union no government of a member country can manipulate the money supply growth rate for electoral purposes.

Its central provision was the currency union of I July 1990, but it contained a number of other important provisions.


Economic prosperity allowed government to maintain peace with the labor unions by allowing high wage settlements.

Add to this the fact that in every developed country today, the strongest labor unions are government employees.

Some groups, such as the farmers and the labor unions , now gained a greater share in power and its benefits.

One clear beneficiary is labor unions , which tend to represent high-wage workers.

To win her support, the ports would have to open discussions with labor unions that oppose the bill.

No one would trust a documentary series about labor unions paid for entirely by union funds.

The flight attendants meeting in Sydney this morning have authorized their labor union to take further action.


This optimism, however, is not shared by many politicians and trade union leaders .

There are trade union leaders who see nothing wrong in this situation.

It earned an angry response from a teachers' union leader , Nigel de Gruchy.

But health union leaders remain sceptical, and fear services could be hit if the mall fails to take off.

Granada managers held talks with union leaders about the job losses in London yesterday.

And where once union leaders talked of struggle and solidarity, now they speak of profitability and competitiveness.

Could the government ban union membership amongst civil servants working at its intelligence headquarters without consulting union leaders ?

And it provoked a furious backlash from Labour and union leaders .


They made an inventory of the industries in the zone and then made contact with union members in them.

Among trade union members 70 percent were in favour, while 75 percent of Green Party members opposed abolition.

We have also legislated five times to transform industrial relations, returning power from militants to ordinary union members .

Her role is simply to assist union members in taking certain specified types of legal action against their trade union.

In 1955 R left the union after a disagreement with union members .

Which trade union members should engage in such wider learning?

In Britain, closed shop arrangements currently extend to just 20% of all employees, under half of all union members .

But he's not allowed into the Labour Party because he's not a union member .


He went on to say he would introduce a scheme for voluntary union membership as soon as possible.

He explained that union membership was an outdated rule.

In contrast, decentralised bargaining systems have a restricting influence upon the degree of union membership attained.

The victimization which occurred, the loss of trade union membership , and the wage reductions all seemed to confirm this impression.

By 1920, trade union membership reached its inter-war peak of about 8 million.

The rights of union membership would also be guaranteed.

We are therefore concerned with the impact which trade unions and trade union membership has upon the productivity of the workforce.


Would a renewed Labour Party imply a revived trade union movement ?

Right now the trade union movement in Britain is functioning as a white man's union and this must be challenged.

It is the main task of the trade union movement to create this unity.

The call followed growing public unrest with several confrontations between the trade union movement and the government.

By the late 1930s the trade union movement was, in fact, recapturing its lost membership.

It was becoming an alliance of the trade union movement with a unitary political party.

The trade union movement as a whole would, in the future, face similar challenges to its powers in other industries.


Oleg Stolypin, a state lawyer Karim Ishkent, a trade union official .

Labor and trade union officials were arrested by the score.

But the ban has upset some workers, and union officials say it's unnecessary.

According to Les Echos, union officials said that Pache would give no indication of the size or timing of staff losses.

The Left became increasingly middle-class and this reinforced the already strong opposition to it among trade union officials .

Teachers' union officials admit that many teachers earn more from private tutoring than from their official jobs.

However, these are often frustrated at branch level or by union officials in individual firms.

Workers were given the grim news by union officials at a mass meeting.


Trade union representatives meet with management regularly at national and regional level at meetings known as Whitley Councils.

Under the initiative, labor unions representatives would face city management in meetings open to the public.

Next week union representatives and shop-floor workers will travel to London to lobby Parliament.

The research also examines the perception and evaluation of health and safety problems and goals by trade union representatives .

Guidelines have been agreed by management and union representatives and have been put to federal ministers.

It is therefore necessary to include the personnel manager and a trade union representative in the systems planning team.

The employers' offensive worsened job conditions and hamstrung plant-level union representatives .

Mr Clifton paid particular tribute to the work of the trades union representatives on the advisory committee.


Is there not one prominent rugby union footballer or journalist who is compelled to criticize this scandalous and absurd state of affairs?

Nigel Henderson is a consultant who's involved in the management of rugby union and deals with worst of these cases.

The Green Lane site is also home to Middlesbrough's cricket and rugby union clubs.

Yet the events at Murrayfield illustrated just what a complex sport rugby union actually is.

Davies speaks volumes Robert Armstrong on the biography destined to be a rugby union classic.

The 1991 World Cup generated unprecedented interest in rugby union and planted the sport firmly in the top league of spectator sports.

Categories will include golf, tennis, rugby union , football, horseracing, cricket, Formula 1 and rugby league.


A student union called for a one-day strike at local colleges.

One stands proudly in the main lobby of the student union at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The annual fee includes the subscription for student unions , athletic clubs, and other facilities.

Finally, it's worth noting that most colleges have an extensive range of services offered by the college or student union .

Outside London, you can find yourself performing in student unions , arts centres, pubs, theatre foyers or art galleries.

Teviot Row House is the oldest purpose-built student union in Britain, dating back to 1889.

Detectives said the crime was pre-meditated. p-t-c Reaction to the sentence from the student union was mixed.

The student union are taking legal advice about whether they can take any further action to recover the missing money.


On Jan. 14 Olszewski had agreed to look into budget proposals from the Solidarity trade union which would cause less hardship.

By 1920, trade union membership reached its inter-war peak of about 8 million.

Unemployment, therefore, exerted a powerful, but short-lived, impact upon trade unions and the pattern of industrial relations.

A number of new trade unions were formed in the latter part of 1989 to represent a wide range of workers.

Others felt that the trade unions can do very little and that people don't look to them.

The electoral college elects B, mainly through trade union and constituency votes.

Elsewhere, the trade unions appear to have been weakly organised in the District.

The vendor will be required to warrant that no trade unions have been recognised and that there are no collective agreements.



The right to form trade unions and professional bodies, and the right to strike were established.

I doubt today if any group of workers can form a union if their employer is truly determined to resist.

Among the most controversial options being considered is whether to form a union with the Roman Catholic Church.

We tried to form a union .

They also demanded the right to form a union and insisted on the reinstatement of policemen sacked earlier for indiscipline.

And women in many developed countries are tending increasingly to adjust by forming non-legal unions that often produce offspring.

Several members of the prison staff said they expected to be victimised for helping to form the union .

They had agreed that it would be unrealistic to attempt to form a union of the two republics.


The idea was to encourage people to join a union - not ban them if they couldn't.

In a historic shift, many are even joining unions .

The first concerns an employee's freedom to join the union of his choice.

Can a teacher be forced to join a union ?

They must join the existing unions and fight through them.

I went down to the union and they told me I got to be working before I could join the union.

Were they allowed to join a union ?

Do all teachers have a right to join a union and engage in collective bargaining?


crime-busting/union-busting/budget-busting etc

the European Union


union members

Alaska and Hawaii both joined the union in 1959.

Some workers refused to join the union .

The largest teachers' union supports the education reforms.

the National Union of Mineworkers.

the National Farmers' Union

The President could not rely on the support of the labor unions.


Among the most controversial options being considered is whether to form a union with the Roman Catholic Church.

She tried to get into the matter of trade unions.

Strategically, it was a victory for the union forces of the North.

The Labour party and trade unions say farmworkers need to be protected and need to be treated as a special case.

They certainly lose a degree of security, and for that reason their unions often oppose any threat to their monopoly status.

Yucatan, although not completely pacified, had been reincorporated into the federal union in July.

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