Meaning of UNION in English


/ ˈjuːniən; NAmE / noun


[ C ] = trade / labor union :

I've joined the union .

a union member


[ C ] an association or a club for people or organizations with the same interest :

the Scottish Rugby Union

—see also students' union (2)


[ C ] a group of states or countries that have the same central government or that agree to work together :

the former Soviet Union

the European Union


Union [ sing. ] the US (used especially at the time of the Civil War) :

the Union and the Confederacy

the State of the Union address by the President


[ U , sing. ] the act of joining two or more things together; the state of being joined together; the act of two people joining together :

a summit to discuss economic and monetary union

Northern Ireland's union with Britain

sexual union


[ C ] ( old-fashioned ) a marriage :

Their union was blessed with six children.



late Middle English : from Old French , or from ecclesiastical Latin unio(n-) unity, from Latin unus one.

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