Meaning of AL SAUD SAUD FAMILY in English


or 0100; l Sa 02BD; 016B; d ("Sa 02BD; 016B; d family")

Rulers of present-day Saudi Arabia .

In the 18th century Mu 1E25; ammad ibn Sa 02BD; 016B; d (d. 1765), chief of an Arabian village that had never fallen under control of the Ottoman Empire, rose to power together with the Wahh 0101; b 012B; religious movement. He and his son 02BD; Abd al- 02BD; Az 012B; z I (r. 1764–1803) conquered much of Arabia; Sa 02BD; 016B; d I (r. 1803–14) conquered Medina in 1804 and Mecca in 1806. The Ottoman sultan induced the viceroy of Egypt to crush the Sa 02BD; 016B; d 012B; s and Wahh 0101; b 012B; s, which was accomplished by 1818. A second Sa 02BD; 016B; d 012B; state was formed in 1824 by Mu 1E25; ammad ibn Sa 02BD; 016B; d's grandson Turk 012B; (r. 1823–34), who made Riyadh his capital. When Turk 012B; 's son Fay 1E63; al (r. 1843–65) died, succession disputes led to civil war. Power did not return to Sa 02BD; 016B; d 012B; hands until 1902, when Ibn Sa 016B; d recaptured Riyadh. He established the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by royal decree in 1932. One of his sons, Fahd (b. 1923), became the country's ruler in 1982.

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