Meaning of HENRY in English



French Henri orig. duke d'Anjou

born Sept. 19, 1551, Fontainebleau, France

died Aug. 2, 1589, Saint-Cloud

King of France (1574–89).

The third son of Henry II and Catherine de Médicis , he commanded the royal army against the Huguenot s in the Wars of Religion . He was crowned king after the death of his brother Charles IX . During the continuing civil wars he made concessions to the Huguenots, causing the Roman Catholics to form the Holy League . The Catholics were further alarmed in 1584 when the Protestant Henry of Navarra (later Henry IV ) became heir to the throne. Henry III tried to placate the Holy League, but he was forced by a mob to flee Paris. In 1588 he had the Catholic leaders Henry, 3rd duke de Guise , and Cardinal Louis II de Lorraine assassinated. In 1589 Henry was himself assassinated by a fanatical Jacobin friar.

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