Meaning of HENRY in English


I . John Henry

➡ John Henry .

II . Lenny Henry

(1958– )

a well-known English comedy actor. His television shows include The Lenny Henry Show and Chef! and he is well-known for his work for Comic Relief . He is married to the comedy actor Dawn French .

III . O Henry


a popular US writer of short stories who was born William Sydney Porter. He began to write in prison after being sent there for stealing money from the bank where he worked. O Henry’s stories were simple and often humorous, and they usually ended with a surprise. More than 300 of them were collected in Cabbages and Kings (1904), The Voice of the City (1908) and other volumes.

IV . Patrick Henry


a major political leader of the American Revolution who is remembered for saying ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’ He was a member of the Continental Congress (1774–6) and governor of Virginia (1776–9 and 1784–6). Henry was at first opposed to the US Constitution because he supported states’ rights , but he later helped to add the Bill of Rights to it.

V . Prince Henry

(1984– )

the second child of the Prince and Princess of Wales . He is usually called Prince Harry by the British press and public.

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