Meaning of HENRY in English


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

Adams Henry Brooks

Arnold Henry Harley

Ashley William Henry

Asquith Herbert Henry 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith

Chesney Henry Baker

Barnard Henry

Beatty Henry Warren

Henry Warren Beaty

Beecher Henry Ward

Beerbohm Sir Henry Maximilian

Belter John Henry

Bentinck William Henry Cavendish Lord

Bessemer Sir Henry

Bethune Henry Norman

Beveridge of Tuggal William Henry 1st Baron

Henry McCarty

Blair Henry William

Bolingbroke Henry Saint John 1st Viscount

Bragg Sir William Henry

Campbell Bannerman Sir Henry

Henry Campbell

Carson of Duncairn Edward Henry Baron

Cavendish Henry

Churchill Randolph Henry Spencer Lord

Clay Henry

Clinton Sir Henry

Cort Henry

Cowell Henry Dixon

Craig Edward Henry Gordon

Craig Sir James Henry

Crumb George Henry

Dana Richard Henry

Darnley Henry Stewart Lord

Dearborn Henry

Dow Herbert Henry

Dreyfuss Henry

Eccles William Henry

Ellis Henry Havelock

Emerson Peter Henry

Evans Frederick Henry

Evans George Henry

Fielding Henry

Flagler Henry Morrison

Fonda Henry Jaynes

Ford Henry

Fowler Henry Watson

Frederick Henry

Frick Henry Clay

Fuseli Henry

Garnet Henry Highland

Gary Elbert Henry

William Henry Gates III

Gates Henry Louis Jr.

Gehrig Henry Louis

George Henry

Goren Charles Henry

Grattan Henry

Henry Benjamin Greenberg

Greene Charles Sumner and Henry Mather

Greene Henry Graham

Haggard Sir Henry Rider

Halleck Henry Wager

Harriman Edward Henry

Harrison William Henry

Heinz Henry John

Robert Henry Cozad

Henry III

Henry II

Henry Plantagenet

Henry of Anjou

Henry IV

Henry Bolingbroke

Henry of Navarra

Henry I

Henry Beauclerc French: Good Scholar

Henry VIII

Henry VII

Henry Tudor earl of Richmond

Henry VI

Henry V

Henry Cape

Henry Joseph

Henry O.

Henry Patrick

Hildebrand Joel Henry

John Henry Holliday

Hooper Franklin Henry

Hudson Henry

Huxley Thomas Henry

Hyndman Henry Mayers

Ireton Henry

Irving Sir Henry

John Henry Brodribb

Jackson William Henry

James Henry

Kaiser Henry John

William Henry Pratt

Kissinger Henry Alfred

Knox Henry

La Guardia Fiorello Henry

Landseer Sir Edwin Henry

Latrobe Benjamin Henry

Lawes Henry and William

Le Châtelier Henry Louis

Lee Henry

Lee Richard Henry

Leland Henry Martyn

Henry Carter

Liddell Hart Sir Basil Henry

Lodge Henry Cabot

Loesser Frank Henry

Longfellow Henry Wadsworth

Luce Henry Robinson

Maine Sir Henry James Sumner

Mancini Henry

Manning Henry Edward

Maudslay Henry

Maupassant Henry René Albert Guy de

Mayhew Henry

Mencken Henry Louis

Miller Henry Valentine

Montherlant Henry Marie Joseph Millon de

Moore Henry

Morgan Lewis Henry

Morgan Sir Henry

Morgenthau Henry Jr.

Murray Sir James Augustus Henry

Newman John Henry

Northampton Henry Howard earl of

O'Hara John Henry

Pelham Henry

Perot Henry Ross

Purcell Henry

Raeburn Sir Henry

Raglan of Raglan FitzRoy James Henry Somerset 1st Baron

Richardson Henry Handel

Richardson Henry Hobson

Robinson Henry Peach

Schiff Jacob Henry

Schoolcraft Henry Rowe

Richard Henry Sellers

Seward William Henry

Shackleton Sir Ernest Henry

Sheridan Philip Henry

Shreve Henry Miller

Sidgwick Henry

Sorby Henry Clifton

Southampton Henry Wriothesley 3rd earl of

Stanley Sir Henry Morton

Starling Ernest Henry

Stiegel Henry William

Stimson Henry Lewis

Sturtevant Alfred Henry

Sullivan Louis Henry

Surrey Henry Howard earl of

Talbot William Henry Fox

Tanner Henry Ossawa

Tawney Richard Henry

Thomas George Henry

Thoreau Henry David

Vane Sir Henry

Sir Henry Vane the Younger

Vaughan Henry

Villard Henry

Wallace Henry Agard

Welch William Henry

Wilson Colin Henry

Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby 1st Viscount

Bulwer Sir William Henry Lytton Earle

Henry the Navigator

{{link=Holland of Foxley and of Holland Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron">Holland of Foxley and of Holland Henry Richard Vassall Fox 3rd Baron

Lansdowne Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice 5th marquess of

Palmerston of Palmerston Henry John Temple 3rd Viscount

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