Meaning of HENRY in English


I. Hen ‧ ry, John /ˈhenri/ BrE AmE

a character in US stories and ↑ folk songs who worked on railways and was very strong

II. Henry, Len ‧ ny /ˈleni/ BrE AmE

(1958–) a British ↑ comedian and actor who often appears on television, and who does a lot of work for the ↑ charity organization Comic Relief

III. Henry, O. BrE AmE

(1862–1910) a US writer of short stories, whose real name was William Sydney Porter. His stories are known for treating the everyday life of working people in a humorous way, and for their unexpected endings.

IV. Henry, Pat ‧ rick /ˈpætrɪk/ BrE AmE

(1736–99) a US politician who was one of the leaders of the fight for independence during the ↑ American Revolutionary War . He is famous for saying ‘Give me liberty, or give me death’.

V. Henry, Prince BrE AmE

⇨ see ↑ Harry, Prince

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