Meaning of HENRY in English



German Heinrich

born Oct. 28, 1017

died Oct. 5, 1056, Pfalz Bodfeld, near Goslar, Saxony

Duke of Bavaria (as Henry VI, 1027–41), duke of Swabia (as Henry I, 1038–45), German king (1039–56), and emperor (1046–56).

He gained sovereignty over Bohemia and Moravia and arranged the election of Pope Clement II, who crowned him emperor. The last emperor to dominate the papacy, Henry appointed three more popes in succeeding years. He championed the church reform advocated by the monasteries of Cluny and Gorze. He was nearly deposed in a revolt (1054–55), and in his later years his influence faltered in northeastern Germany, Hungary, southern Italy, and Lorraine.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.      Краткая энциклопедия Британика.