Meaning of LAW in English


n. administrative law

Ampère's law

Anglo Saxon law

Anti Corn Law League

antitrust law

associative law

Avogadro's law

blue law

Bode's law

Bragg law

business law

mercantile law

commercial law

canon law

Chinese law

civil law

common law

common law marriage

commutative law

conservation law

law of conservation

Coulomb's law

covering law model

criminal law

cuneiform law

diminishing returns law of

distributive law

Egyptian law

estate law

fair trade law

Falloux Law

faunal succession law of

Germanic law

Greek law

Gresham's law

Hardy Weinberg law

Hebraic law

Indian law

international law

Israeli law

Japanese law

Jim Crow Law

labour law

law code

law of cosines

law of sines

law report

Law Andrew Bonar

Law John

maritime law

admiralty law

marriage law

martial law

mass action law of

military law

Montgomery of Alamein Bernard Law Montgomery 1st Viscount

natural law

Newton's law of gravitation

Ohm's law

Olmsted Frederick Law

Pascal's law

Poor Law

procedural law

Rhodian Sea Law

right to work law

Roman law

Scottish law

Sea Law of the

Book of the Law

Snell's law

Soviet law

transitive law

Twelve Tables Law of the

Weber's law

Weber Fechner law

Constitutional Laws of 1875

Corn Laws

gas laws

Indies Laws of the

Kirchhoff's laws

laws conflict of

March Laws

Newton's laws of motion

Nürnberg Laws

personal liberty laws

thought laws of

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.      Краткая энциклопедия Британика.