Meaning of LAW in English


n.1 a a rule enacted or customary in a community and recognized as enjoining or prohibiting certain actions and enforced by the imposition of penalties. b a body of such rules (the law of the land; forbidden under Scots law).

2 the controlling influence of laws; a state of respect for laws (law and order).

3 laws collectively as a social system or subject of study (was reading law).

4 (with defining word) any of the specific branches or applications of law (commercial law; law of contract).

5 binding force or effect (their word is law).

6 (prec. by the) a the legal profession. b colloq. the police.

7 the statute and common law (opp. EQUITY).

8 (in pl.) jurisprudence.

9 a the judicial remedy; litigation. b the lawcourts as providing this (go to law).

10 a rule of action or procedure, e.g. in a game, social context, form of art, etc.

11 a regularity in natural occurrences, esp. as formulated or propounded in particular instances (the laws of nature; the law of gravity; Parkinson's law).

12 a divine commandments as expressed in the Bible or other sources. b (Law of Moses) the precepts of the Pentateuch.

Phrases and idioms:

at (or in) law according to the laws. be a law unto oneself do what one feels is right; disregard custom. go to law take legal action; make use of the lawcourts. law-abiding obedient to the laws. law-abidingness obedience to the laws. law agent (in Scotland) a solicitor. law centre Brit. an independent publicly-funded advisory service on legal matters. Law Lord a member of the House of Lords qualified to perform its legal work. law of diminishing returns see DIMINISH. law of nature natural law. laws of war the limitations on belligerents' action recognized by civilized nations. law term a period appointed for the sitting of lawcourts. lay down the law be dogmatic or authoritarian. take the law into one's own hands redress a grievance by one's own means, esp. by force.

Etymology: OE lagu f. ON lag something 'laid down' or fixed, rel. to LAY(1)

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