Meaning of MACHINE in English


Device that amplifies or replaces human or animal effort to accomplish a physical task.

A machine may be further defined as a device consisting of two or more parts that transmit or modify force and motion in order to do work. The five simple machines are the lever , the wedge , the wheel and axle , the pulley , and the screw ; all complex machines are combinations of these basic devices. The operation of a machine may involve the transformation of chemical, thermal, electrical, or nuclear energy into mechanical energy, or vice versa. All machines have an input, an output, and a transforming or modifying and transmitting device. Machines that receive their input energy from a natural source (such as air currents, moving water, coal, petroleum, or uranium) and transform it into mechanical energy are known as prime movers; examples include waterwheels , turbines , steam engines , and internal-combustion engines .


[c mediumvioletred] (as used in expressions)

boring machine

broaching machine

carding machine

drilling machine

Fourdrinier machine

grinding machine

Machine Gun Kelly

knitting machine

machine gun

machine language

machine code

machine tool

milling machine

political machine

sawing machine

sewing machine

testing machine

Turing machine

vending machine

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