Meaning of MACHINE in English


1. a machine

2. a thing that produces power for a machine or vehicle

3. relating to or done by machines


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1. a machine

▷ machine /məˈʃiːn/ [countable noun]

a piece of equipment that does a particular type of work, either in your home or in a factory, office etc, using power from an engine or from electricity :

▪ a machine that fills beer bottles

▪ One cable was damaged, which was causing the machine to shut down frequently.

sewing/washing/fax machine

a machine for sewing, washing clothes etc

▪ There is a washing machine in the basement of the building.

operate a machine

make it work

▪ It’s possible to operate the machines by remote control.

by machine

▪ Ice could be made in huge quantities by machine.

▷ device /dɪˈvaɪs/ [countable noun]

a piece of equipment that has been cleverly designed to do a particular job, for example one that makes measurements, records sounds or movements, or controls the operation of a machine :

▪ An EEG is a device that records electrical activity in the brain.

device for

▪ a device for controlling temperature

▪ The farmers there still use the ‘Archimedes Screw’, an ancient device for raising water from a lake or well.

listening/measuring device

▪ They were both aware that there might be listening devices hidden in the room.

safety device

▪ The National Association for Elevator Safety says that most elevators have safety devices that prevent free-falls.

▷ robot /ˈrəʊbɒtǁ-bɑːt, -bət/ [countable noun]

a machine that is controlled by a computer and can do some of the complicated jobs that humans do, such as making things in a factory :

▪ With the flick of a switch, the robot picks up the bomb, carries it away from buildings, and blows it up.

▪ One astronaut used the space shuttle’s robot arm to pick up an 1800-pound satellite from space.

▷ appliance /əˈplaɪəns/ [countable noun] formal

a piece of electrical equipment used in your home, such as a washing machine :

▪ People are spending more of their income on goods such as cars and appliances.

domestic/household/home appliance

▪ To make it easier to return any unwanted purchases, save the original packaging, especially for electronics and household appliances.

▷ machinery /məˈʃiːnəri/ [uncountable noun]

machines in general, especially the large machines used in factories or on farms :

heavy machinery

▪ The package says you shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery after taking these pills.

industrial/farm machinery

▪ Industrial machinery and electronic equipment lead the nation’s export list.

▪ a company that manufactures farm machinery

▷ mechanism /ˈmekənɪz ə m/ [countable noun]

a piece of equipment that is designed to do a particular job inside a machine or larger piece of equipment :

▪ The mechanism that raises the bridge was not working correctly.

▪ Unfortunately, the water had damaged the firing mechanism inside the rocket.

▪ The garlic press uses a screw mechanism to squeeze out juice and pulp.

▷ contraption /kənˈtræpʃ ə n/ [countable noun]

a machine that seems strange and awkward-looking and has lots of pieces joined together in a strange way :

▪ Early cameras were large and expensive contraptions.

▪ By demonstrating his floating contraption - part surfboard, part kayak and part sailboard - Halfon hopes to create a tide of attention.

2. a thing that produces power for a machine or vehicle

▷ engine /ˈendʒɪn, ˈendʒən/ [countable noun]

the part of a car, aircraft etc that produces the power that makes it move :

▪ Every time I try to start the engine, there’s a strange knocking sound.

▪ She left the car in the drive with the engine still running.

▪ The SVT is available only with a six-cylinder engine.

automobile/jet etc engine

▪ Some residents fear the crops would attract birds that might be sucked into jet engines.

diesel engine

▪ For next year, the company will offer three cars with turbocharged diesel engines in the United States.

▷ motor /ˈməʊtəʳ/ [countable noun]

the part of a machine that makes it work or move, especially by using electrical power :

▪ Just then, the motor failed and the boat began drifting out of control.

electric motor

▪ The ceiling fan is powered by an electric motor.

3. relating to or done by machines

▷ mechanical /mɪˈkænɪk ə l/ [adjective]

using machines, or getting power from an engine :

▪ In a bakery, the bread is rarely kneaded by hand but by large mechanical mixers.

mechanical problem/fault/failure

when a machine is not working properly

▪ A mechanical problem may be to blame for the crash.

mechanical device

▪ Flemma said that a reliable mechanical device was needed for the thousands of patients who die while awaiting human heart transplants.

mechanically [adverb]

▪ The bones can be removed mechanically before the birds are packaged for sale.

▷ automatic /ˌɔːtəˈmætɪk◂/ [adjective]

automatic washing machines, weapons etc are designed to operate by themselves, without much human control or attention :

▪ Automatic lights had come on in various parts of the house.

▪ The camera has a 32mm glass lens, and its automatic shutter allows you to take photos in near-darkness without a flash.

automatic weapon/rifle

one that can fire many bullets quickly

▪ The soldiers lay on the highway with their automatic rifles beside them.

automatically [adverb]

▪ The doors open automatically when you go near them.

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