Meaning of MACHINE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ məʃi:n ]

( machines, machining, machined)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


A machine is a piece of equipment which uses electricity or an engine in order to do a particular kind of work.

I put the coin in the machine and pulled the lever...

...a color photograph of the sort taken by machine to be pasted in passports.

N-COUNT : also by N


If you machine something, you make it or work on it using a machine.

The material is machined in a factory...

All parts are machined from top grade, high tensile aluminium.

...machined brass zinc alloy gears.

VERB : usu passive , be V-ed , be V-ed from n , V-ed

• ma‧chin‧ing

...our machining, fabrication and finishing processes.



You can use machine to refer to a large and well-controlled system or organization.

...Nazi Germany’s military machine...

He has put the party publicity machine behind another candidate.

N-COUNT : usu supp N


see also fruit machine , sewing machine , slot machine , vending machine

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