Meaning of MACHINE in English

— machineless , adj.

/meuh sheen"/ , n. , v. , machined, machining .


1. an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work: a sewing machine.

2. a mechanical apparatus or contrivance; mechanism.

3. Mech.

a. a device that transmits or modifies force or motion.

b. Also called simple machine . any of six or more elementary mechanisms, as the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, wedge, and inclined plane.

c. Also called complex machine . a combination of simple machines.

4. Older Use.

a. an automobile or airplane.

b. a typewriter.

5. a bicycle or motorcycle.

6. a vending machine: a cigarette machine.

7. any complex agency or operating system: the machine of government.

8. an organized group of persons that conducts or controls the activities of a political party or organization: He heads the Democratic machine in our city.

9. a person or thing that acts in a mechanical or automatic manner: Routine work had turned her into a machine.

10. any of various contrivances, esp. those formerly used in theater, for producing stage effects

11. some agency, personage, incident or other feature introduced for effect into a literary composition.


12. to make, prepare, or finish with a machine or with machine tools.

[ 1540-50; machina machaná pulley, akin to mâchos contrivance; cf. MECHANIC ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .