Meaning of HOFFMANN, HEINRICH in English


born June 13, 1809, Frankfurt am Main died Sept. 20, 1894, Frankfurt am Main in full Heinrich Hoffmann-Donner, pseudonyms Reimerich Kinderlieb, Heinrich Kinderlieb, Peter Struwwel, Heulalius von Heulenburg, Polykarpus Gastfenger, and Zwiebel German physician and writer who is best known for his creation of Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter), a boy whose wild appearance is matched by his naughty behaviour. Peter appeared in Lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder mit fntzehn schn kolorten Tafeln fr Kinder von 36 Jahren (1845; Slovenly Peter; or, Cheerful Stories and Funny Pictures for Good Little Folks). This book of cautionary tales was written as a Christmas gift for the doctor's four-year-old son. Hoffmann also wrote poetry, humour, and satire, as well as other children's books and books on medicine and psychiatry. Hoffmann studied medicine at Heidelberg and Halle, practiced and taught, and directed the state mental hospital in Frankfurt am Main (185188).

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