Meaning of KIZER, CAROLYN in English

born Dec. 10, 1925, Spokane, Wash., U.S. in full Carolyn Ashley Kizer American poet whose work reflects her involvement in feminist and human rights activities. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1985 for her collection Yin: New Poems (1984). After attending Sarah Lawrence College (B.A., 1945), Kizer did graduate work at Columbia University (194546) and at the University of Washington (194647). In 1959 she cofounded Poetry Northwest, which she also edited from 1959 to 1965. After serving in Pakistan as literary specialist for the U.S. State Department (196465, 196670), she became the first director of literary programs for the National Endowment for the Arts. Kizer lectured, taught, or was poet in residence at several universities, including the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop and Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia universities. Her published collections include Poems (1959), The Ungrateful Garden (1961), Knock upon Silence (1965), Midnight Was My Cry (1971), Mermaids in the Basement: Poems for Women (1984), The Nearness of You (1986), and Harping On: Poems 19851995 (1996). She also wrote Proses: On Poems and Poets (1993), Picking and Choosing (1995), and other prose pieces and edited the collection 100 Great Poems by Women (1995). Noted for her elegance and rigour, Kizer wrote with humour of her involvement with feminism and in social action. Pro Femina, one of her best-known poems, is a satiric work about women writers.

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