Meaning of BELL in English

[noun] [C] - a hollow metal object shaped like a cup which makes a ringing sound when hit by something hard, esp. a clapperThe church bells rang (out) to welcome in the New Year.The sound of a bicycle bell caused me to jump out of the way.I stood at the front door and rang the bell (also doorbell) several times, but the house seemed empty."There's the bell (= the sound of the bell) for lunch." "Good, I'm starving."If something is as clear/sound as a bell it is in perfect condition.Her memory is as clear as a bell.(UK informal) Give me a bell (= telephone me) sometime next week, won't you?When Frank suggested coming to stay for a couple of days, warning/alarm bells rang (in my head) (= I thought something was wrong).(US and ANZ informal) To do something or go somewhere with bells on is to do it or go there eagerly.I'll be at the party with bells on.Bell-bottoms are trousers that are very wide below the knee.A bell jar is a large glass cover shaped like a bell used to cover chemical equipment, esp. to prevent any gas produced from escaping.See picture: LaboratoryA bell-pull is a cord or handle that is pulled to ring a bell.A bell-push is a button, usually by the front door of a house, which makes a bell ring inside.A bell-ringer is a campanologist.See at campanology.

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