Meaning of BELL in English

/ bel; NAmE / noun


a hollow metal object, often shaped like a cup, that makes a ringing sound when hit by a small piece of metal inside it; the sound that it makes :

A peal of church bells rang out in the distance.

a bicycle bell

His voice came down the line as clear as a bell .

the bell of a trumpet (= the bell-shaped part at the end of it)

a bell-shaped flower

—picture at goat , trombone


an electrical device which makes a ringing sound when a button on it is pushed; the sound that it makes, used as a signal or a warning :

Ring the bell to see if they're in.

The bell's ringing !

The bell went for the end of the lesson.

An alarm bell went off.

Warning bells started ringing in her head as she sensed that something was wrong.


- give sb a bell

—more at alarm noun , pull verb , ring verb , sound adjective



Old English belle , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bel .

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