Meaning of DIAMOND in English

[noun] - an extremely hard, valuable stone which is used in jewellery, and in industry for cutting hard things, or a shape with four straight sides of equal length but with two opposite angles which are wide and two which are narrowHer ring was set with a large diamond. [C]I was given a diamond brooch/necklace for my birthday.She was wearing a diamond-encrusted bracelet.Diamond is the hardest material known. [U]He had worked in the diamond mines of South Africa.The rock is cut from the ground using diamond-tipped saw blades.Joe's socks had diamond (= four-sided) patterns on them.A diamond is also a card which belongs to one of the four suits in a set of playing cards. It has a red diamond shape on it.the six of diamondsSee study section: Playing cardsA baseball diamond is the square part of the field on which baseball is played, which is marked off by four equally spaced bases, or the whole field on which the game is played.The fielders warmed up for the game by tossing the ball around the diamond.Diamond in the rough is US for rough diamond.See at rough (UNEVEN).(esp. UK) A diamond jubilee is (a special event which celebrates) the date which happens exactly 60 years after an important occasion.A diamond wedding (anniversary) is the date which happens exactly 60 years after a marriage and is often an occasion for a party or other type of celebration.

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