Meaning of DIAMOND in English



a diamond/sapphire etc ring

On her right hand was a huge diamond ring.

diamond anniversary

diamond in the rough

diamond jubilee

diamond lane

diamond wedding

pearl/gold/diamond etc necklace

She was wearing a coral necklace.

rough diamond




It glittered up at me like a black diamond from the edge of the puddle where it lay.

This year it added one new trail, a black diamond tight glade.

For a final suggestion, how about white tiles, black diamonds and gold lurex outlines!

The distance between the black diamonds seems longer than their diagonals.

The floor is of white and grey marble patterned with black circles and diamonds .

Inside, a grand and generous staircase rose from a pale stone flagged hall patterned with black stone diamonds .


A large blue diamond was flashing on and off.

The walls were lined with another fine matting woven in a large diamond design of red and green.

She wore a very sparkly large diamond engagement ring and had done so for about a year.

As she did he saw the ring on the third finger of her left hand; the large diamond sparkled brightly.

Graff has one of the world's best collections of rare and large diamonds and other gems worth millions.

Nestling in her belly-button was what appeared to be a large diamond .


Keep your rough diamonds , your kaleidoscope, your mission, your connectors and your propaganda peddler-routing revolution.


This type of pattern is usually white with each smaller diamond in the same bright primary colour.

Q: So you went and pierced your tongue with a small diamond .

Further trimming can be carried out on smaller diamond saws, which are capable of producing thin slices.

She had the diamond , which is surrounded by small white diamonds in a yellow-gold filigree setting, made into a stickpin.

Even the smallest particles of diamond are revealed by their brilliant green emission.



In 1968, the diamond Jubilee came and went without celebration for fear of a financial loss!


In one big bed there slept a goat, A diamond necklace round its throat.

A beautiful diamond necklace which recently fetched £11,000 at Bonhams would be twice the price in an ordinary jewellers.


The beautiful diamond ring had gone.

A gold-and-diamond ring was taken at gunpoint.

He scooped the jackpot and a diamond ring prize after calling house on 52 in our big money game number 229.

Pictures of the gold, diamond rings and expensive watches the two accumulated were shown in public anti-corruption exhibitions.

The plaintiff advertised a gold watch and diamond ring for sale.



Fergie may well have bought a cut diamond at cut price but how he fits in remains a poser.

He ought to have bought her diamonds , he thought later.

Grandfather had been rich enough to buy the many diamonds it took to make it up.

Not that he had the money to buy her diamonds , but still he thought it anyway.


Marjorie wore Evangeline's diamonds but, like the new bride, they failed to sparkle under a miserable Edinburgh sky.

Blue suited her and she'd worn her pearl and diamond brooch because he wanted everyone to see it.

He was described as being about 30 and wearing a diamond patterned jumper.


a diamond necklace

the king of diamonds


After washing and change of lap paper, polishing is continued with 1 µm diamond .

Because the diamond is absorbing blue light, it appears yellow in ordinary light.

It was like Aladdin's cave with the Seven Dwarves diamond mine thrown in.

The beautiful diamond ring had gone.

We had beautiful chandeliers, women in diamonds and mink stoles.

Weighed down with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, diamonds.

With clubs wide open to make the contract you're going to need to try and bring the diamonds in without loss.

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