Meaning of DIAMOND in English

di ‧ a ‧ mond S3 /ˈdaɪəmənd/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: diamant 'hard metal, diamond' , from Greek adamas ; ⇨ ↑ adamant ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] a clear, very hard valuable stone, used in jewellery and in industry:

a diamond engagement ring

2 . [countable] a shape with four straight but sloping sides of equal length, with one point facing directly up and the other directly down:

Cut the cookie dough into diamonds.

3 .

a) diamonds one of the four ↑ suit s (=types of cards) in a set of playing cards, which has the design of a red diamond shape on it

two/queen etc of diamonds

the ace of diamonds

b) [countable] a card from this suit:

You have to play a diamond.

4 . [countable]

a) the area in a baseball field that is within the diamond shape formed by the four ↑ base s

b) the whole playing field used in baseball

• • •


■ places where people do sport

▪ field ( also pitch British English ) a large area of ground, usually covered with grass, where team sports are played:

A few kids were playing on the football field.


a hockey field

▪ stadium a large sports field with seats all around it for people to watch team sports or track and field competitions:

The atmosphere in the Olympic Stadium was amazing.


a football stadium

▪ ground British English a sports field and the seats and buildings around it, belonging to a particular football, rugby, or cricket team:

I met my friends inside the ground.

▪ ballpark/park American English a stadium where baseball is played:

Busch Stadium is one of the newest ballparks in Major League.

▪ court an area with lines painted on the ground, for tennis, badminton, basketball, or volleyball:

The hotel has four tennis courts and a volleyball court.

▪ diamond the area in a baseball field that is within the shape formed by the four bases. The diamond can also be the whole field:

The pitcher stands in the middle of the diamond.


There’s a playground, a picnic area, and a baseball diamond.

▪ track a circular path with lines on it, for running on:

In the relay, each runner runs once around the track.

▪ gym a room with machines which you can use to do exercises:

He spends an hour in the gym every day.

▪ pool/swimming pool a place where you can swim:

He jumped into the deep end of the pool.


I’ll meet you outside the swimming pool.

▪ sports centre British English , sports center American English a building where you can play many types of indoor sports:

Why not do exercise classes at your local sports centre?

▪ health club a small sports centre, where you pay to be a member:

How much does it cost to join a health club?

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