Meaning of EGG in English


(FOOD) [noun] - the oval or rounded object with a hard shell which is produced by female birds, esp. chickens, and which is eaten as food before a baby bird develops inside ita hard-boiled/soft-boiled egg [C]half a dozen (= six) eggs/a dozen (= twelve) eggs [C]How do you like your eggs - fried or boiled? [C]Take a slice of bread and dip it in beaten egg. [U]Have you ever tried quails' eggs? - they're smaller and richer than normal eggs. [C]An egg can also be an object which is especially made in the shape of a bird's egg.a chocolate/marble egg(informal) If someone is described as having egg on their face, it means that they have been made to look stupid because of something that they have done.This latest scandal has left the government with egg on its face.(informal) If you put all your eggs in one basket, you depend on a single plan of action or person for success.I'm applying for several jobs because I don't really want to put all my eggs in one basket.An egg cup is a small container used to hold a boiled egg while you eat it.Egg roll is US for spring roll.See at spring (SEASON).An egg-and-spoon-race is a race in which the people taking part run with an egg balanced on a spoon.An egg timer is a device which helps you judge when a boiled egg has been cooked long enough to be eaten.See picture: Clocks and watchesEgg white or the white of an egg is the transparent part of an egg which turns white when it is cooked.Egg yolk or the yolk of an egg is the round yellow part of an egg.

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