Meaning of EGG in English


n. 1 a the spheroidal reproductive body produced by females of animals such as birds, reptiles, fish, etc., enclosed in a protective layer and capable of developing into a new individual. b the egg of the domestic hen, used for food. 2 Biol. the female reproductive cell in animals and plants. 3 colloq. a person or thing qualified in some way (a tough egg). 4 anything resembling or imitating an egg, esp. in shape or appearance. øas sure as eggs is (or are) eggs colloq. without any doubt. egg-beater 1 a device for beating eggs. 2 US sl. a helicopter. egg-custard = CUSTARD(1). egg-flip (or -nog) a drink of alcoholic spirit with beaten egg, milk, etc. eggs (or egg) and bacon any of various yellow- and orange-shaded plants, esp. the snapdragon or toadflax. egg-spoon a small spoon for eating a boiled egg. egg-timer a device for timing the cooking of an egg. egg-tooth a projection of an embryo bird or reptile used for breaking out of the shell. egg-white the white of an egg. have (or put) all one's eggs in one basket colloq. risk everything on a single venture. with egg on one's face colloq. made to look foolish. øøeggless adj. eggy adj. (eggier, eggiest). [ME f. ON, rel. to OE óg]

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