Meaning of EGG in English


/ eg; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a small oval object with a thin hard shell produced by a female bird and containing a young bird; a similar object produced by a female fish, insect, etc. :

The female sits on the eggs until they hatch.

The fish lay thousands of eggs at one time.

crocodile eggs

—picture at nest


[ C , U ] a bird's egg, especially one from a chicken, that is eaten as food :

a boiled egg

bacon and eggs

fried / poached / scrambled eggs

Bind the mixture together with a little beaten egg.

You've got some egg on your shirt.

egg yolks / whites

egg noodles

ducks' / quails' eggs

a chocolate egg (= made from chocolate in the shape of an egg)

—see also Easter egg , Scotch egg


[ C ] ( in women and female animals ) a cell that combines with a sperm to create a baby or young animal

SYN ovum :

The male sperm fertilizes the female egg.

an egg donor

—see also nest egg


- a good egg

- have egg on / all over your face

- put all your eggs in one basket

—more at chicken noun , curate , kill verb , omelette , sure adverb , teach

■ verb


- egg sb on



noun Middle English (superseding earlier ey , from Old English ǣg ): from Old Norse .

verb Middle English : from Old Norse eggja incite.

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