Meaning of EMERGENCY in English

[noun] - something dangerous or serious, such as an accident, which happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs immediate action in order to avoid harmful resultsHow will disabled people escape in an emergency? [C]Is the emergency exit suitable for wheelchairs?How violent must the rioting become before the government declares a state of emergency (= gives itself special powers to help deal with a dangerous situation)? [U]The pilot of the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Lake Geneva.The emergency services are the fire brigade, the police, the coastguard, and the ambulance service.(esp. UK) If you make an emergency stop in your car or another vehicle you stop suddenly to avoid hitting someone or something.If she hadn't made that emergency stop that child would've been killed for sure.Emergency brake is [esp. US] for handbrake.Emergency room is [esp. US] for casualty (HOSPITAL).

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