Meaning of EMERGENCY in English

/ iˈmɜːdʒənsi; NAmE iˈmɜːrdʒ-/ noun

( pl. -ies ) [ C , U ] a sudden serious and dangerous event or situation which needs immediate action to deal with it :

The government has declared a state of emergency following the earthquake.

This door should only be used in an emergency .

the emergency exit (= to be used in an emergency)

The government had to take emergency action.

The pilot made an emergency landing in a field.

I always have some extra cash with me for emergencies .

The government has been granted emergency powers (= to deal with an emergency) .



mid 17th cent.: from medieval Latin emergentia , from Latin emergere arise, bring to light, from e- (variant of ex- ) out, forth + mergere to dip.

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