Meaning of END in English

(LAST POINT) [noun] [C] - the point in space or time beyond which something no longer exists, or a part of something that includes this pointThis cable should have a plug at one end and a socket at the other.We damaged the end of the piano when we moved it.Get to the end of the queue and wait your turn like everyone else.Our house is the third from the end on the left.They've just bought the house at the end of the road.Austria's ski runs would circle the globe if they were joined end to end.Is it safe to stand the computer on (its) end?The end of the film was much more exciting than I'd expected.Some people were in tears at the end of the film.The project will be completed towards the end of the year.I'm going to Berlin at the end of next week.This latest injury must surely mean that her tennis career is now at an end (= finished).The statement said there would be no end to the violence until the terrorists' demands were met.(figurative) You take care of the business end of things (= matters connected with business) and I'll deal with the publicity.Sometimes end is used to avoid saying death.We were all by her bedside when the end finally came.He met his end (= died) in a shoot-out with the police.An end is also either of the two halves of a sports field.The teams change ends at half-time so that neither side has an unfair advantage.(US) An end is also one of the two players in American football who begin play furthest from the ball.There is no point continuing with these negotiations as they have clearly reached the end of the road (= cannot continue).He used to lock himself in his bedroom for hours on end (= continuously for several hours) and refuse to talk to anyone.This woman is innocent - end of story (= I am so certain about it that it is not worth talking about it any more.)Of course I will be taking advice on this matter, but in the end/(UK and ANZ also) at the end of the day (= finally), it is up to me to decide what to do.We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but in the end (= the final result was) we went to Austria.Everyone wishes the war would come to an end (= finish) soon.If you put an end to something, you stop it existing or happening any longer.The government intends to put an end to inflation once and for all.How can we put an end to the fighting?Are dental charges the beginning of the end (= the first sign showing the finish) of free health care?If there were a nuclear war, it would be the end of the world (as we know it).(figurative) I'm really hoping to win, but it won't be the end of the world (= extremely serious) if I don't.If you don't want the job, there's no end of (= unlimited) people willing to take your place.It would please Granny no end (= very much) if you wrote to her occasionally.I'm afraid we've got some serious problems here. How do things look at your end (= from where you are)?(UK) If you keep/hold your end up, you continue to deal with difficulties bravely and successfully.She's going to be in a wheelchair for another three months, but she's managing to keep her end up in spite of all the problems.At present it's hard to make ends meet (= manage on our income), but we'll be better off when Helen starts her new job.An end product is what is produced by an activity, esp. by an industrial process.Every stage of production from obtaining raw materials to recycling end products is monitored for its environmental effects.The end result of these changes will be more bureaucracy and fewer resources.The end user of something is the person or organization that uses it rather than an organization which trades in it.The software can easily be modified to suit the particular needs of the end user.

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