Meaning of END- in English

combining form

or endo-

Etymology: French, from Greek, from endon within, at home, from en in + -don (perhaps akin to Latin domus house) — more at in , timber


a. : within : inside

End amoeba

endo scope

b. : taking in : requiring

end ergonic

— opposed to exo-

2. endo-

a. : forming a bridge between two atoms in a cyclic system or having a bond or bivalent radical regarded as a bridge

endo ethylenic bridge

1,4- endo methylene-cyclohexane

b. sometimes italic : having one or more substituents directed inward — in names of stereoisomeric compounds containing a 6-membered ring in its boat form

2,5-methylene- endo -cyclohexyl-amine

— compare exo- b

3. : endocardium and

endo pericarditis

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