Meaning of END in English

n. & v.


1. a the extreme limit; the point beyond which a thing does not continue. b an extremity of a line, or of the greatest dimension of an object. c the furthest point (to the ends of the earth).

2 the surface bounding a thing at either extremity; an extreme part (a strip of wood with a nail in one end).

3 a conclusion, finish (no end to his misery). b the latter or final part. c death, destruction, downfall (met an untimely end). d result, outcome. e an ultimate state or condition.

4 a a thing one seeks to attain; a purpose (will do anything to achieve his ends; to what end?). b the object for which a thing exists.

5 a remnant; a piece left over (cigarette-end).

6 (prec. by the) colloq. the limit of endurability.

7 the half of a sports pitch or court occupied by one team or player.

8 the part or share with which a person is concerned (no problem at my end).

9 Bowls a unit of play in which play is from one side of the green towards the other.

10 US Football a player at the extremity of a line or team.


1. tr. & intr. bring or come to an end.

2 tr. put an end to; destroy.

3 intr. (foll. by in) have as its result (will end in tears).

4 intr. (foll. by by) do or achieve eventually (ended by marrying an heiress).

Phrases and idioms:

all ends up completely. at an end exhausted or completed. at the end of one's tether see TETHER. come to a bad (or sticky) end meet with ruin or disgrace. come to an end

1. be completed or finished.

2 become exhausted. end-around n. US Football an offensive play in which an end carries the ball round the opposite end.

--adj. Computing involving the transfer of a digit from one end of a register to the other. end-game the final stage of a game (esp. chess), when few pieces remain. end it all (or end it) colloq. commit suicide. end of the road the point at which a hope or endeavour has to be abandoned. end of the world the cessation of mortal life. end on with the end facing one, or with the end adjoining the end of the next object. end-play Bridge a method of play in the last few tricks to force an opponent to make a disadvantageous lead. end-point the final stage of a process, esp. the point at which an effect is observed in titration, dilution, etc. end-product the final product of manufacture, radioactive decay, etc. end result final outcome. end run US 1 Football an attempt by the ball-carrier to run round his or her own end.

2 an evasive tactic esp. in war or politics. end standard a standard of length in the form of a metal bar or block with the end faces the standard distance apart. end-stopped (of verse) having a pause at the end of each line. end to end with the end of each of a series adjoining the end of the next. end up reach a specified state, action, or place eventually (ended up a drunkard; ended up making a fortune). end-user the person, customer, etc., who is the ultimate user of a product. in the end finally; after all. keep one's end up do one's part despite difficulties. make an end of put a stop to. make ends (or both ends) meet live within one's income. no end colloq. to a great extent, very much. no end of colloq. much or many of.

on end

1. upright (hair stood on end).

2 continuously (for three weeks on end).

put an end to

1. stop (an activity etc.).

2 abolish, destroy.


ender n.

Etymology: OE ende, endian, f. Gmc

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