Meaning of FEW in English

(SOME) [determiner], [pronoun] - a few some; a small number (of)There are a few cakes left over from the party - would you like one?I'm going to town - I've got to get a few things.We've been having a few problems with the new computer.I'd like to have a few words with you when you've got a moment.If more people turn up to go on the trip I can take a few in the van."How many potatoes do you want?" "Oh, just a few, please."USAGE: 'A few' is used with countable nouns. Compare little.People also use a few to mean quite a large number, often in expressions such as quite a few or, less commonly, a good few.I know a few people who have had the same problem with those cars.I saw quite a few people with that hair-cut - it must be fashionable.A lot of people at the club are under twenty but there are a good few who aren't.If someone has had a few (too many), they have drunk quite a large number (or too many) alcoholic drinks.She'd had a few even before we arrived at the party, judging by the way that she was speaking.

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